Comfort Bedding for girls rooms design

Shake pastels are one of the most popular ideas for girls, both adults and young children. Sweet and soft colors are the best for showing your femininity and for helping you fall asleep. Mix a few pastels or use white bedding with a sweet pastel accent – it will look amazing anytime. This year’s pastel is on top: quartz roses and tranquility are announced colors this year, so look for those who are trending. Read more

Cool bedding ideas for boys room

Designing a children’s room won’t be complete without a cool bed that continues the theme of the room or at least looks right with it. Today I want to share some cool guy bed ideas, your son will be excited. Read more

Modern princess bedroom for girls design idea

The funniest girl’s room is a project created by Amir Sayed Mohamed Refaat, and this is the realm of the princess in pink. The accent wall behind the headboard is striped, and the headboard is with large dots, so the pattern on this pattern creates a very interesting effect. The wall itself is decorated with various characters from cartoons, all printed in black and white to contrast with pink and white walls. Read more

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