Chic neutral nurseries for kids rooms

Neutral is very popular for home decoration because they expand the space visually, making it feel roomy, full of light, and at the same time enduring. These rooms are popular for decorating any space, from home offices to bedrooms, and children’s rooms are no exception. There are many styles that you can take to create a neutral space: Scandinavian, contemporary, modern, vintage, shabby chic, farmhouse and so on. Today we will look at nurseries neutral – not gender neutral but neutral in color. Read more

Bright colors nursery decor ideas

With modern trends for everything that is neutral, we are accustomed to seeing lots of rooms and neutral spaces layered including nurseries. But many of us still want to add some color to the children’s room to make it more cheerful, pleasant and bright. Colorful nurseries enhance the atmosphere, create a great space to play and have fun and inspire to create. Bright colors are suitable for gender-neutral nurseries and not, Read more

Open plan layer decor design the Spanish coast

This apartment open plan apartment on the coast of Valencia, Spain, focuses more on the exterior and not on the interior. Introducing a minimalist design, Apartment Horizon, designed by partners Barea + Partners Valencia, offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. “These dwellings are arranged as a sequence of Read more

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