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Kid room design place to play

Every child needs a bed and a place to play. If you already have a children’s bedroom, it’s time to think about how to make it into a playroom too. Even if you don’t have a special room for your child, you can arrange a cool playroom right in your living room or even the kitchen. That’s probably because of things like play tents. Read more

Classy shared boys bedroom

Now we want to share many beautiful boys room design ideas. It’s not easy to gather so many of them because there are more female bedrooms designed by professional interior designers. Maybe it’s because many girls dream about fairytale living rooms and boys don’t really care about their rooms. Read more

Comfort Bedding for girls rooms design

Shake pastels are one of the most popular ideas for girls, both adults and young children. Sweet and soft colors are the best for showing your femininity and for helping you fall asleep. Mix a few pastels or use white bedding with a sweet pastel accent – it will look amazing anytime. This year’s pastel is on top: quartz roses and tranquility are announced colors this year, so look for those who are trending. Read more

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