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Rustic decor dining room designs

We continue to tell you about rustic decor and today this is a dining room design. Rough wood, rough stone, fireplace, rattan furniture, lots of light and wooden beams on the ceiling make the basis of a rustic dining room. Now start creating an atmosphere using fantastic rugs, furniture with natural finishing, tablecloths, checked patterns and accessories that bring pleasure. Read more

Open-plan designed living room, dining area and kitchen

The kitchen has a modern and minimalist taste, separated by brick blocks from the rest of the room, and there are also bricks wrapped in kitchen decorations to give it an industrial look and make it more functional. The red brick placement is really interesting: covering the wall above a small window that distracts them and works as a kitchen backsplash. The glorious gray nuance gives the interior an elegant touch and optical depth effect. The black touch looks very harmonious on the gray and red brick background. Read more

Scandinavian lounges style ideas

Many rooms decorated in Scandinavian style are considered to be just modern without being precisely identified by certain decoration categories. This is because Scandinavian lounges always look fresh and fashionable! Let’s look at some of the lounges decorated in Scandinavian style so we can see how they do it! Scandinavian living rooms, even small ones, don’t look too crowded. Read more

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