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Sliding Wall Maximizing Space in New York Micro Home

A five to one apartment with MKCA is a project that receives micro housing at a new level that is very creative. With a total area of ​​36 square feet, this small house in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York, is an example of modern functionality. The main creative element of the design is a motorized shear wall that can be moved from one side of the compartment to another, creating various living spaces. Work, sleep, dress, and entertainment, Read more

PB House in Italy combines warm furnishings and elegant

Elegant and friendly, this little house by Paolo Didon Devvy Comacchio Architects is an addition to the rural complex outside the Veneto room in Rosa, Italy. The interior of the PB House is determined by alternating white surfaces and natural wooden ceilings, with clear lines everywhere. In the living room, deliciousness takes place, Read more

Country house combines comfort and luxury

In an area close to a semi-natural lake with natural character, this modern country house combines luxury with green and extraordinary views. It is a home with several elements of open plan and modern furniture that will amaze you.

The basic architecture feature is a large slide because it is determined by a very large window. Canada is a country with little sunlight, so every moment of sunlight is very valuable, as is the excess of rich natural light. Sofas and chairs are relatively low, with a thin profile that does not interfere with good views. The view is not limited to the living room with windows on three sides. The ideal place for breakfast is meringue hot chocolate under a blanket.

Dining rooms, extra tables, and walls have common wood and dark shades, while lime chairs to olives are a rare color in space. The rest of the pallets moved from white with small creamy white on the black carpet and window frames. You choose neutral, especially when you don’t want to attract outside attention. This is what has been achieved. The large dining room is located in the next room with 8 very beautiful chairs that can accommodate large companies or the whole family. Large lights dominated the space, while dark anthasia accompanied him to the black chair. The rest of the pallets remain in the same wood color as the different marble floors.

The kitchen is in the same living room as the dining room, taking up less space in relation to the room. The island has a dual role as a helper counter and a fast-food breakfast or snack table thanks to 4 bar stools. Kitchen utensils are all built-in so they occupy a smaller space, open the kitchen and allow unobstructed views from large windows. This is a very smart design that fully utilizes little sunlight and beautiful scenery.

Next to us it is better to observe the fireplace where it has a bookshelf, use triples, while placed in a good place to warm the corridor and living room. The use of all three is of course as a room partition.

This bathroom is a typical example of how not overprices, but also how not to underestimate space. Neutral here is the basic color, with the use of extensive wood and cream, equipped with white and black. Enough sized windows for narrow walled rooms, while the height attracts eyes of small width! A lot of smart tricks, beautiful palettes, very nice textures to reflect light and a choice of original copper buckets.

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