Bright colors nursery decor ideas

With modern trends for everything that is neutral, we are accustomed to seeing lots of rooms and neutral spaces layered including nurseries. But many of us still want to add some color to the children’s room to make it more cheerful, pleasant and bright. Colorful nurseries enhance the atmosphere, create a great space to play and have fun and inspire to create. Bright colors are suitable for gender-neutral nurseries and not, Read more

Glamorous furniture set by AltaModa

Tiffany’s collection by AltaModa is made for people who love brilliant and glamorous furniture. It is characterized by round lines, soft fur and a large amount of crystals. The dining room arranged from this collection is an example of a charming Art Deco style that captivates its luxury. Consists of a round table with carved legs, a high chair and an elegant wardrobe. Read more

New kitchens and dining rooms of IKEA

Recently IKEA has placed their catalog online. Full not only design ideas for the living room but also for other rooms. A new kitchen and dining room should also be mentioned. Apart from bright colors, the most popular theme among new design ideas is natural. Some dining room sets and kitchen cabinets are made from different types of wood, Read more

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